Principal Desk

Education plays a key role in the overall development of society. The role of education is definitely not limited to the transmission and grasp of knowledge and theory. The true goal of education goes far beyond awarding degrees and certificates to students. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “By education I mean bringing out the best in the child and the human being – body, mind and spirit.” The ultimate goal of education is the discovery of the meaning of life and the fulfillment of life and all humanity as well as for oneself. The pursuit of education is knowledge, humanity, culture, wisdom and acuity, but it should be noted that knowledge is not given but earned and character is not granted but cultivated.

EKLAVYA College Jhalawar not only focuses on theoretical curriculum but also helps in developing student personality, extracurricular activities and overall perspective. Everything that makes a good institution – a well-trained faculty, a rich library, an internship department, teaching methods, freedom to think and express oneself – we have here. The goal of higher education in rural areas is related to employment, as it ensures a positive attitude to see the universe from a better perspective and to analyze, determine and use the ideas of individuals for the constructive development of society.

I strongly believe that our EKLAVYA College Jhalawar is more than just a place to learn. It gives you a chance to grow by equipping you with everything you need to achieve excellence. We will be offering more courses in Science and Arts starting this session. At EKLAVYA College Jhalawar, we ensure that students have the best start in their future career to become wise and careful citizens of our glorious country, India.

I wish all the students a great success in their career and prosperity in their future life.

Dr. Ravindra Modi